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Kizen Instant Read Food Thermometer Review

    Kizen Instant Read Food Thermometer Review

    The KIZEN instant-read food thermometer is one of the best, if not the best, in its class. It is fast, reliable, accurate (can be calibrated), waterproof (IP-67), and can be used for both hot and cold applications. All these features and price in the 15 – 20 USD range definitely makes it well worth the buy in our opinion.

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    Notice how we didn’t mention the battery life?  Well, we have been using ours for 3+ years and the battery hasn’t died yet. And, they included two batteries! We strongly feel that Kizen holds the crown for the best digital food thermometer in its price range.


    • Fast 2-3 second read
    • Works with solids and liquids
    • Waterproof (IP-67)
    • Large backlit LED screen
    • Supports both °C and °F
    • Easy to use, clean and store
    • LED auto shut-off after 10 minutes
    • Great customer service
    • 1 year warranty


    • Reads of 1 second would be absolutely mind blowing but then the price would be at least 5 times more. Technically this is not a con, but wanted to mention it.

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    Why use an Instant Read Food Thermometer?

    Great question! There are a few reasons why you might want to use an instant read food thermometer. One is that it provides fast, accurate readings. This means that you can be confident that your food is cooked to the correct temperature. Second, the convenience of using the thermometer will allow you to cook meals consistently and according to your taste. After each use to wash the metal probe with soap and water, wipe it dry and stick it on the fridge.

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    How to use an Instant-Read Food Thermometer

    There are a few things to keep in mind when using an instant-read food thermometer. First, make sure the tip of the thermometer is inserted into the thickest part of the food. This will ensure that you get an accurate reading. Second, do not touch the hot surface of the pan or grill with the thermometer. This can damage the thermometer and give you an inaccurate reading. Finally, clean the thermometer after each use with soapy water, and ensure the probe is completely clean. Food particles left on the probe could lead to bacterial growth.

    Although the whole thing is waterproof, we only wash the metal probe. After washing we generally wipe it down so it doesn’t have any water droplets and stick it on the fridge.


    Different Types of Instant-Read Food Thermometers

    There are a few different types of instant-read food thermometers available on the market. The most common type is the digital thermometer, which displays the temperature on a screen. Another type is the probe thermometer, which has a probe that is inserted into the food along with a cord, making it easier to take readings while the food is cooking.

    Which type of instant-read food thermometer is best for you will depend on your personal preference and needs. If you want a fast, accurate reading, an instant read digital thermometer is a good choice. If you need a thermometer that can monitor the food as it cooks then a corded probe thermometer is a good option. We have both since they serve slightly different purpose.

    Safe Minimum Cooking Temperatures for Meat, Poultry, and Fish

    The temperatures at which you should cook meat, poultry, and fish varies, and it boils down to food safety and flavor/doneness preference. It is best to follow guidelines provided by a reputable source. We like to follow the Safe Minimum Internal Temperatures posted by

    When cooking meat, poultry, and fish, it is important to cook them to the proper temperature to ensure they are safe. Using an instant-read food thermometer can make it super easy to enjoy the food you love, with your loved ones and without compromising safety.

    How to Store an Instant-Read Food Thermometer

    Welp, if you have been paying attention then you would already know what we do. The Kizen Instant-Read Food Thermometer has a pretty strong magnet and we just stick it on the fridge. This makes it extremely handy and takes away any excuse to not use it. If the fridge is not your thing then simply make sure the thermometer is clean and dry, and then place it in a case or storage container.

    We would strongly advise against storing/sticking any Instant-Read Thermometer on the metal parts of your stove due to constant exposure to high heat from the stove. This could lead to excessive need for calibration, and potentially shortening the life of the thermometer.



    We love our Kizen Instant-Read Food Thermometer. We paid almost 25.00 USD dollars when we bought it, and even though it is currently selling for less than 14.00 USD at Amazon, with the coupon applied, we don’t feel like we overpaid. Okay fine, we do feel a bit annoyed that we didn’t get as amazing of a deal that is available right now. But in fairness, we have enjoyed and got good use out of ours over the past 3 years. If you are in the market looking for an Instant Read Food Thermometer, you won’t be disappointed with Kizen.

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